10 tips from a recent CMP grad!

What are 10 Tips that you would give to someone writing their CMP exam?

1. If you are passionate about meetings and events, preparing for the exam is a very enjoyable experience

2. Put what you are learning into practice in your day-to-day job, you will learn new ways of doing things and absorb the material faster with greater retention

3. Use the time spent preparing to fill in the gaps in your experience, there are many webinars that cover topics you may not have experience with and exam prep is a way to become a more well-rounded event professional

4. Don’t try to learn the test, learn the material, you will get to the answer by connecting concepts you have learned

5. Utilize a variety of learning methods; reading, webinars, flashcards, group discussion etc.

6. Don’t treat all the domains equally, study harder on the ones that need it most

7. Understand the difference between the right answer and the best answer

8. Know when to stop studying

9. Familiarize yourself with the testing center

10. Relax and get plenty of rest!