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BECOME A MEETING & EVENT PROFESSIONAL TODAY! Our online and in-class training comes complete with study guides, practice exams and our instructors bring in real-life experience to help you advance your career. Learn more about the industry and become a Certified Meeting Professional TODAY! 

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CMP®Meeting Professional Study Prep

Are you prepared to join a group of over 11,000 meeting professionals worldwide? From starting out in your career to studying for your Certified Meeting Professional designation, we can help you be fully prepared!

We teach you the ins and outs of the industry and things you need to know to prepare for the exam, highlighting “important things to remember”! We provide 9 interactive lectures, over 50 example handouts, over 350 practice questions, budgeting case study and much more! We will provide you a full refund within 20 days if you aren't completely satisfied!

Our instructor Ed Byers has over 15 years experience in the industry. He has worked as a Corporate Meeting Planner - hosting meetings across the US and Canada. He has also worked 2 Olympic/Paralympic Games, Special Olympics, a local DMC, TIFF and raised over $2M through event and corporate sponsorship!

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Here's what people are saying

The one day bootcamp that we offered our members was very well received! The content was very applicable and Ed's style allowed participants to interact and learn in a comfortable and engaging environment. We would highly recommend this course.

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Kansas City

I highly recommend this course to anyone studying for their CMP exam. It allowed me to further understand all of the domain areas and where I needed to focus my time, which allowed me to pass the exam my first time

Mark O'Sullivan, CMP - Head of Events

The CMP bootcamp was an extremely helpful resource for me! It helped me to focus on what and how to study for the CMP Exam. Ed did a fantastic job explaining what the test is looking for and how to approach the questions. 10/10 - I HIGHLY recommend! 

Mackenzie Kassis, CMP - Global Event Marketing

"What a great course, Ed's style was great, and he covered everything I needed to know to write the test"

Natalie Ciarallo, CMP - Senior Manager Conferences & Events

Going through all of the prep material, I would say this program really equips anyone preparing to write the CMP exam!

Karl Maione, CMP - Proprietor

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