5 Tips to Prepare for your CMP Exam

Are you gearing up to write your CMP Exam? It can be daunting to think about and prepare for, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know the materials, you will soon know what it feels like to become a Certified Meeting Professional! Below are some tips to help you prepare for the test

Don’t procrastinate!

It is important to create a work back schedule for studying. Work back from your scheduled exam date and chunk out the material and how long it will take to study each section. It is also important to carve out some time every day to do a bit of studying (or at least try). If you look at the materials infrequently it is hard to remember and build on what you previously learned.  

Practice Tests

Do as many practice questions as you can - even if you have to create them yourself. When you answer questions and get them wrong you are more likely to recall the correct answer, once you figure out why you got it wrong. A lot of students make flash cards with important things to remember – this will help when you are writing and reviewing the materials.

Take care of yourself

It can’t be underestimated how important sleep, eating well and hydration is. If you don’t procrastinate, you should be able to carve out enough time for this – don’t cram! You can also ask friends and/or family to help support you while you are studying by giving you the space you need, encouraging you to exercise, or perhaps even cooking for you! Meditation is also a great way to clear your head before, after and during study breaks. It allows you to come at the materials with fresh eyes!

 Study Groups/Prep Courses

Connect with students who are also writing, to find out what they are studying and how they are preparing the materials. Prep Courses like Meeting Protocol are a great way to learn the materials from subject matter experts and connect with others that are studying as well. It is also a platform for you to ask questions.

Pick an environment that is conducive for you

Is it in your bedroom, basement, the library or coffee shop? Do you like background music or complete silence? Whatever the best environment is for you – recreate that every time you are studying. If you are easily distracted don’t study near the TV or the Fridge.


Remember that the test is multiple choice, so be sure to read and re-read the question to make sure that you understand it. (i.e. The question doesn’t say which one is NOT one of the following). Be calm, get sleep and study hard – best of luck