Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Grad Spotlight: May 2022

Sabrina M. Garcia, CMP
Event Planner at Mitsubishi Electric Automation

How has being a CMP helped you? It has provided credibility for my work experiences and opened up career opportunities not previously available to me since I did not have a college degree.

What advice do you have for those prepping for their CMP exam? My biggest piece of advice is to not assume you can take the exam based on your work experience alone. I found that studying both alone and in group settings with sample quizzes and exams was what finally propelled me to pass the exam.

What do you love about being an event professional? The two aspects I love about being an event professional is first, the creative aspect of bringing a thematic concept from your mind and executing it into reality. The second would be curating hospitable experiences that leave lasting impressions on guests.