Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Grad Spotlight: April 2023

Kristina Mease, CMP
Meeting Planner, Site Solutions Worldwide

How will having your CMP help you? I think having your CMP helps to have you taken more seriously in the industry. I feel like my recommendations and expertise is taken with a little less question now. 

What advice would you give to those studying for their CMP exam? The biggest thing I learned was to trust your gut and the things you have learned. I failed my first CMP exam and I think it was because I was overthinking everything. You are a successful professional in this industry. You have to have a certain level of experience to even take the exam. Trust that knowledge that you have. And using a study tool like flash cards or Pocket Prep are super helpful.
What do you love about being an event professional? I love the feeling you get at the end of a conference when everything is wrapped up and you see how happy everyone is. I work for a meeting planning company so we have clients and just seeing them be so happy with the success of the conference makes it all worth it.