Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Grad Spotlight: February 2023

Gabriella Peterson, CMP
Research Project Manager, RENCI

How has being a CMP helped you? I got my CMP certification right before I transitioned to a new job as a research project manager. However - we all know how versatile event professionals are. One of the domains that resonated the most with me while prepping to take my CMP exam was the project management domain. Every event professional has at least some project coordination/management experience. Staying on top of various logistics and timelines is certainly serving me well in my new role.

What do you love about being an event professional? Some of the best advice I received from this group were to download and utilize the pocket prep app and SCHEDULE YOUR EXAM! Things got very real for me after scheduling, and I was able to work backward from the exam date to create a study schedule/timeline. Something I saved until too close to the exam was tackling the Meeting Protocol practice exams. II'm confident if I hadn't looked at those, I wouldn't have passed.

What advice do you have for those prepping for their CMP exam? My favorite days are event days. When all of the hard work and prep pays off!