Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Grad Spotlight: November 2022

Erika Summers, Chief Events Officer, Erika Summers Events, Chicago & LA

How has being a CMP helped you? I had a successful career in corporate and luxury event management with on-the-job training, I understood the ins and outs of design, logistics and branding and now have a better understanding of advanced practices and protocols and processes. It has given me greater confidence when making decisions on behalf of my clients.

What do you love about being an event professional? I love working with my clients to bring their vision to life. My work is a reflection of their brand, their values and their mission.

What advice do you have for those prepping for their CMP exam? I took the exam during the pandemic when zoom-ing for hours was the norm. I found a great study group that challenged my thinking and gave me the accountability that I needed to stay disciplined. We used the official book as a guide and each week, we each presented a chapter and shared notes and flash cards.