Planning a F2F Corporate Holiday Party Post-Pandemic

Planning a F2F Corporate Holiday Party Post-Pandemic

For many of us, it’s been at least two years since we have attended (let alone, planned) a physical, in-person, face-to-face corporate holiday party. The thought of putting together an event of this type that is simultaneously professional and leisurely can be overwhelming after so much time has elapsed since events of this type were the norm. However, by keeping a few key considerations in mind, you can rest assured that your corporate holiday party will be well received by colleagues and or clients that you are planning for.

Consideration #1: Attendees’ Comfort Level

Before you get underway with any sort of planning, the first step in your process has to be assessing how comfortable your attendees will be with a F2F event. It would behoove you to plan an elaborate in-person gathering at a sprawling venue only to have a handful of attendees willing to commit to being present in-person.

As a best practice, send out a survey to poll attendees with their preference for virtual vs. F2F events. Enlist the help of human resources and other folks at the organization who may have more insight into current company protocol.

Depending on the results of your findings, it might even make sense to host a secondary virtual event in lieu of a F2F one for those who have expressed they would not be comfortable attending a party with others in-person.

Consideration #2: Venue Type

After determining the correct formatting and number of attendees for your holiday party, it’s time to get thinking about the venue. A holiday party is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your creativity as a meetings professional, since the nature of these events usually doesn’t call for a presentation-ready environment; networking and fun are the name of the game!

In researching venue options, consider the space itself, seating arrangements, food and beverage service, and optional activities. Types of venues that might make sense for a corporate holiday party include restaurants with private dining, arcades and mixed-use entertainment spaces, and hotel meeting space.

Consideration #3: Budget

It might seem like a no-brainer line item to complete, but with events that toe the line between work and pleasure, it can actually be quite challenging to draw up and execute on an appropriate holiday party budget. Work with your stakeholders to determine how much should be allocated for the venue itself, food and drink, activities, and transportation, if these will all be offered to attendees free of charge.


Corporate holiday parties should juxtapose the everyday stressors associated with work by giving attendees an opportunity to relax and connect with colleagues organically. With some forethought and collaboration, your event planning process can be stress-free too.