The Return of Live Events

Vaccines are here, masks are coming off, bubbles are expanding, and life is returning to a degree of normalcy. Patios are open, gatherings are happening and in some places, stadiums are opening. So where does that leave the return of live events? We know virtual events are here to stay, but what is the role of virtual in this return to normal? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself as we return to in-person events.

  1. Can your event be entirely virtual? We know there is virtual fatigue now, but there still is a place for entirely virtual meetings. Perhaps you are hosting a 1-day sales training and folks live all over the country? Perhaps it is simply a networking event connecting people in remote areas with limited budgets? Whatever your event is, ask yourself, is there an appetite for this to be virtual and how does it contribute to my bottom line?
  2. Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid. Everyone is talking hybrid events right now. The question you need to ask yourself is 2-fold. 1. Who is your audience and why would you offer multiple platforms? What percentage of your audience lives in remote areas? Do your attendees have large budgets and have a desire to travel? 2. Can you afford to offer both in-person and virtual events? Running hybrid can be both more expensive and more labour intensive. Sometimes, sticking to one format, might do the trick.
  3. When returning to in person events, set expectations for your attendees and be clear with all those who have registered so there is no misunderstanding. Review your risk management and contingency plans, and be sure it fits with your mission, vision and strategy.