Thinking Outside the Box: Alternative Spaces for Events

An event cannot happen without attendees and a place for them to gather. After being confined to the same spaces for over a year during the pandemic, many guests are looking forward to reconnecting with old connections and making new ones in an environment that is stimulating for the senses.

One positive side effect of the pandemic is that property managers at some venues are rethinking how they can use their real estate as a source of income. Moreover, those that already had a thriving events business pre-pandemic are looking to get back to that level of activity (if not exceed it). Hence, there’s never been a better time to explore alternative spaces for your upcoming events. Read on to get inspiration for venues you can utilize for both corporate and non-corporate events.
Corporate Events

The nature of corporate events does command a certain degree of formality and professionalism. As a best practice, alternative spaces for corporate events should be contained indoors and provide guests with adequate personal space.
Some example alternative venues for corporate events include:
● Movie theaters
● Performing arts centers
● Museums / art galleries
Leisure Events

Non-corporate events allow for more flexibility and generally encourage socialization. You can most certainly get creative with alternative spaces for events like weddings, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, etc.
Here are some ideas for alternative venues for leisure events:

● Farms
● Greenhouses
● Botanical gardens
● Ski mountains

Spaces That Work for Both

What about those events that toe the line between work and play, such as a company or team outing? In these situations, it’s usually fine to prioritize fun over formal.

Below are ideas for unique spaces to host events that are partially corporate, and partially leisure:
● Zoos / aquariums
● Arcades
● Boats
● Speakeasies
When looking for an alternative venue for your next event, it can be helpful to put yourself in guests’ shoes. By imagining how they’d experience the space, you can make the right call on which property will be the best fit.